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Safety bonus

Safety Contests and Bonuses

Employee safety is our number one concern here at Iowa Staffing. We want to reward our workers who follow proper safety protocol. So, Iowa Staffing will occasionally offer safety bonuses and run safety contests throughout the year. Gift cards or bonus checks will be given to employees with good safety standings. 

Please check our website each week for safety tips and information regarding any current safety contests or events. 

As always, report any safety concerns to your immediate supervisor or contact your account representative at our Iowa Staffing Office. Safety Is Everyone's Business!


Safety Tip of the Week





1. Wear loose, light-colored clothing - make sure to follow workplace dress codes.

2. Wear a hat (if allowed) and stay in the shade when possible.

3. Use sunscreen to protect your skin, even on cloudy days!

4. Take frequent breaks in the shade or air-conditioned environment to cool down.

5. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks throughout the day. Soda, coffee, energy drinks etc. can dehydrate you!

6. Keep an eye on other co-workers and watch for signs of heat exhaustion / stroke: dizziness, feeling light-headed, excessive sweating, headache, nausea and high body temperature.

7. Call 911 if someone has: fainted, has seizure, becomes suddenly confused or has excessive body temp. Move co-worker to shaded / cooled environment, fan person, provide them water, use ice packs under arms / on body, dab with cool cloth if available and stay with person until help arrives.

Check Safety Tips Weekly

Your safety is our priority here at Iowa Staffing! Please let us know if you have any safety concerns or report them to your supervisor. Check in with us each week for more tips on staying safe in the workplace!